Dell Inspiron 17 3781 (RNU_LKN_17_2001_01_SVR) Review

Dell has been pretty known for its aggressive cost-cutting and poor design choices but despite all that delivers a good cost-effective performing laptop. Would this be the same as Dell’s usual gig or will Dell finally give us an all-around great laptop? Let’s check it out.


Check out the latest price for the Dell Inspiron 17 3781 (RNU_LKN_17_2001_01_SVR)



Processor: Intel Core i3-7020U Intel Core i5-8265U Intel Core i7-8565U

Memory: 8gb RAM Storage: 1TB HDD with an m.2 slot Screen: 17.3” FHD IPS Weight: 3.03 kg (6.7 lbs) Battery Runtime: 6 hours


  • It’s a good laptop to do some heavy computing it and depending on the configuration you choose from its model, the things you can do range from a simple worksheet task or some developer tasks.
  • It has a punchy and bright IPS display for a budget laptop. You can surely sit back and enjoy some movies and other forms of entertainment.
  • It has a lot of upgradability depending on what you need to do.


  • ​ It’s a particularly heavy laptop at 3kg which might make it quite a hassle to carry it around.
  • Its battery life is not that promising although you wouldn’t really be bringing this around considering its weight.
  • It has a plastic body which means that this laptop would grow old in terms of looks faster.


  • It’s an overall great budget performance laptop that could do most of your daily needs for a laptop. It has an amazing display that’s great for its price.

The biggest let down for me would be its weight but again, you would rather not bring this around knowing that it wouldn’t last long anyway. So if considering buying this laptop, it’s best to just leave it at work or at home depending on where you would use it the most.


Check out the latest price for the Dell Inspiron 17 3781 (RNU_LKN_17_2001_01_SVR)