Corsair One i145 CS-9020008-UK Review

Corsair one i145 is an easy definition of high-performance and sophisticated. If you are considering changing from your Xbox or any device you used to have, Corsair one i145 is famous for providing excellent gaming experience, yet portable.

It is an Intel core i7-9700k CPU with a sophisticated way of cooling its CPU with minimal noise. The display of this desktop is next-to-none, with its multi-display immersion with the support that makes it extremely portable and personal.


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  • CPU Type – Intel core i7
  • CPU Model – 9700k
  • Manufacturing process – 14nm
  • Memory Capacity – 32GB (2 x 16GB)
  • Processor speed – 3.6 GHz
  • Hard drive size – 2 TB


  • You won’t have to worry about those terrible sound you get from desktops. Corsair one i145 has a built-in patent assisted convection that cools off the processor and graphics card with minimal sounds
  • Corsair one i145 is famous for providing simplicity yet remains sophisticated. So, you do not need to care about a device that occupies so much space as it can fit well on your desktop
  • Corsair one i145 will give your PC a different perspective as it can boast of incredible speeds, low audible levels and a factor that makes it compact for your convenience,


  • Though its looks will smite you, yet it is expensive
  • The current bundle software has a lot of bugs, it would be better with a fresh install of windows 10
  • The minimal SSD space can be inconvenient to use.


The overall outlook of this desktop is powerful; it has a fancy design, noiseless, compact, and sleek and also excellent for gaming. However, we find the minimal SSD and price disturbing. But, if you looking for a high-performance PC, fancy looks, and good hardware, Corsair one i145 is what you are looking for.


Check out the latest price for the Corsair One i145 CS-9020008-UK