Cello ZF0261 Review

Are you looking for a lightweight television, has a small screen size, and still within a budget? You shouldn’t look farther because Cello ZF0261 has all you may need in a television set.

It is not a surprise that the buyers are pleased with the purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to refer their friends and family to buy one too. This is indeed a breathtaking television set that will wow you.

At the core of the properties that this television set has is the Full High Definition LED, which is still there despite the 16-inch screen size.

Cello ZF0261 also offers you a built-in satellite tuner so you can quickly and safely search for your favorite TV channels. That is not leaving out the Universal Serial Bus (USB) input that enables you to record your favorite digital TV channels.


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Built-in DVD Player

The buyers say the TV has an excellent picture


Built-in Freeview T2 HD Channels


  • You can play more files using the USB. It is also possible to record and play media files from other devices.
  • This TV is supplied for use in the home, but you may want to use the optional 12v adapter so you can use it in mobile homes, caravans, and boats.
  • The 1080p image resolution and the Full HD ensure that you have clearer and sharper images.


  • Some buyers opine that the vertical viewing angle doesn’t look so good.
  • Poor sound reproduction


This television set offers you a High Definition (HD) display without having to break a bank to own one of the models. Also, the option of adding and playing more files via USB and the versatility of the TV makes it one of the best investments you can make in electronic gadgets for your home.


Check out the latest price for the Cello ZF0261