Cello ZF0204 Review

Loved by all, with its convenient slim design and size of 40 inches and an image resolution of 1080p, it provides a full HD viewing experience and numerous features. 

As with most cello products, the Cello ZF0204 does not disappoint. It combines TV and DVD player into one, giving users the convenience of not worrying about placing multiple wires and cables and DVD boxes.

ZF0204 includes three HDMI inputs that provide easy access for connecting external devices, without the hassle of cable swapping added with its USB input for the option of viewing media on the TV from the user’s computer. 

You can mount this TV on a wall. The remote that controls all features is included.

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  • Display Size – 40 inches
  • Display Resolution – 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Image Resolution – 1080p
  • Display Technology – LED


  • Consumers can immerse themselves in their favourite shows with its 40-inch display and image resolution of 1080p, providing top-quality entertainment. 
  • Includes built-in Freeview channels; both, T2 HD and digital, giving users numerous options for entertainment.
  • With its LED display technology, rest assured this TV will provide families entertainment for years to come.
  • This TV is mountable on the wall for less space consumption for the user’s convenience.
  • With its USB input, consumers can play media files from other devices.
  • It comes with three HDMI inputs for connecting external devices for the ultimate experience in gaming and viewing pleasure.
  • It comes with one remote that controls all.


  • Option for streaming apps directly on the TV is not available.
  • 200mm x 200mm bracket not included (for wall mounting).


Ideal for those looking for the perfect TV that everyone in the family can utilize and enjoy while not spending too much on the television itself. 

With its added Freeview channels features, users can say goodbye to paying extra for cable.

Check out the latest price for the Cello ZF0204.