Cello C55QLED Review

Cello C55QLED is a fine line of technology innovation and a very credible product from cello. Of note is the sleek design, and cello has dedicated enough time to ensure that the design matches the performance of this product. Cello C55QLED also comes with an exquisite aluminum cabinet that serves as home for the sound system of enhanced ability. Truly this is a product that everyone has been anticipating, and nobody will be awed if it becomes a top seller product amidst the new cello releases. Also in the true sense of things cello may not be a product that a lot of people are familiar with, and this may just be their breakthrough product, therefore I am looking out for the subsequent products after this. That being said, let us quickly run through the review of the product.
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-Display: LCD
-Backlight Type: Rear LED Backlight
-Display Format: 4K Ultra HD
-Screen Size: 55 Inches
-Resolutions: 3840 X 2160 Pixels
-4 HDMI and 2 USB Inputs
-a premium 55 inches QLED picture perfect display with very high Resolution.
– the Unique Cello play feature will help you navigate backward and forwards in a bid to record programs.
-the Ability to download apps from the google play store due to andro the id smart platform.
– USB and HDMI inputs which make them compatible with a weight of devices and gadgets
-Amazing Sound system.
-for all the amazing specifications of Cello C55QLED, the  screen size may still not catch the fancy of customers that would prefer the very the large flat screen
– it is quite expensive and not affordable for low-low-incomes.
With all its specification and features, this could actually go down as one of the best products from Cello. It also still possess the micro SD slot and it’s a super-fast smart TV. There just aren’t many TV with the specs of Cello C55QLED.
Check out the latest price for the Cello C55QLED