Cello C50RTS4K Review

Cello has developed a new model that makes it easy for you to set up and laid back with all your favourites. It’s preloaded with Freeview T2  HD channels combined with catch up and streaming entertainment apps. The 50-inch Ultra HD widescreen LED TV ensures you have the best viewing experience. None the less, there are lots of issues and complaints from users about the Cello TVs. But this particular model may prove to be different.


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50 inch Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV

16.7 million colours

USB 2.0 – Play media files from other external devices.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Multiple HDMI connections.


  • This TV has built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection to the Internet allowing you to enjoy what you want at your convenient time, with great ease.
  • HDMI × 3 connections connect best to your external devices such as Skyboxes and game consoles with little hassle.
  • A combination of Freeview T2 HD channels as well as preloaded popular streaming apps and catch up apps, providing you with favorite shows and movies.
  • The USB inputs featured in this TV allows you to record live TV, watch saved media and add an external keyboard with ease.


  • There are lots of reports and complaints from customers who after purchasing Cello TVs such as this, receive it broken or damaged.
  • It does not have a built-in DVD player feature with it.
  • The sound stereo system is absent. A huge disadvantage to music lovers.


This might actually be a TV that has the very features you’ve been looking for. But just before you pick up or order it. It’s advisable you check it up to ensure it’s not broken or damaged, as it’s very fragile.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C50RTS4K