Cello C50FVP Review

The Cello C50FVP is a 50 inch Full HD Smart LED digital Freeview TV. It is powered by netgem.tv with over 1000 shows for you. It is voice-activated using Alexa AI. It has an intuitive user interface, which reduces your need to scroll endlessly. This mountable mobile TV gives you new sports and entertainment channels, several catch-up apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITV,  My5, as well as YouTube. It also offers over 50,000 hours of on-demand content from the best streaming services.

The TV is Wi-Fi enabled to ensure a smooth and secure connection. It features 2 HDMI cables and a USB port so you can record live TV, watch saved media and add a keyboard. Two HDMI inputs mean a minimum need for swapping cables when using external devices such as game consoles.


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Screen size: 50 inches

Resolution: 1920 x 1080p, Full HD

Panel: LED LCD


HDMI input: 2


  • You can record, pause or fast forward live tv
  • You cannot get bored with this TV as there is a wide range of content to access.
  • It is an android smart TV, so you have access to the Android TV store to access other streaming channels like Netflix
  • It also has inbuilt Wi-Fi


  • The resolution is not 4k, or HDR-enabled as such the pictures are not vibrant
  • Although Alexa is installed, the AI efficiency in the TV is weak making interaction very difficult


The Cello Netgem Smart TV is a good HD television, available at a fair price. However, you have to sacrifice 4K resolution, HDR, and the conveniences of a more developed smart TV platform to save for that price. It is an excellent option for one with a budget as a priority


Check out the latest price for the Cello C50FVP