Cello C43SFS4K Review

The superfast Cello C43SFS4K is a 43 inches smart 4k UHD HDR television that combines the function of both terrestrial and online streaming together. One of its most amazing features is the speed at which it can move from terrestrial to online streaming. Another peculiar thing about it is the affordability, and cello has scored a good point for themselves here. Also, the TV is mountable which is quite uncommon for TV with a screen size like that of Cello C43SFS4K and this is more reason to appreciate cello for a job well done.
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-Display Size: 43 inches
-Display Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
-The dimension of the Product: 97 X 26 X 21
-Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
– Weight: 8 Kg
-2 USB and 4 HDMI
-This product is a 43 inches display product with excellent 4k ultra HD resolutions that help in the delivering of clarified pictures.
– Cello C43SFS4K is built with Wi-Fi which will assist you in switching from terrestrial TV to online streaming.
-It works on and Android iOS and the implication is that it can download a lot of application form the google play store.
-4 HDMI and 2 USB ports mean that it can connect to a variety of homes devices as well as gadgets
– it has a micro SD card slot for easy transfer and access to your data.
-At 43 inches, Cello C43SFS4K is considered a very small sized television and might not catch the fancy of big screen lovers.
-It has poor resolutions and display ability
The price is very affordable and this is a very important aspect of Cello C43SFS4K. also, it may not be regarded as one of the top television gadgets, but it has made up for this with the little extra features it contains, like 4 HDMI and the micro SD card slot.
Check out the latest price for the Cello C43SFS4K