Cello C43RTS Review

While similar in name to the Cello C40RTS, the Cello C43RTS is a step in the right direction but still suffers from many of the same design flaws that plagues the C40RTS. Featuring a higher quality 4K screen and with revamped software, this model is worthy of consideration. However, many users have received this product broken from online ordering and pick-up is recommended.


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Screen size: 43 inches

Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Input: x3 HDMI, USB, Composite with audio, VGA with PC audio, RF

Output: 3.5 mm headphone jack, Digital Audio

Special Feature: Freeview and Catch Up, Ethernet jack


With a 4K display packed into 43-inchs of space, the C43RTS has a very sharp display with high pixel density. For consumers who have ready access to 4K UHD content, they will love how it looks on this model. It has a fair amount of ports that are probably enough for the overwhelming majority of users. It is a smart television with built-in apps for Netflix, Catch Up, Freeview, and Amazon Video. The screen has some nice colors with crisp whites and dark blacks, but it is LED, so it will not be the best in class. For the average consumer though, it will more than suffice


Many users have reported this television arriving broken or with lines across the screen, so it is recommended that you pick it up in store if possible. The built quality is not the greatest; the plastic feels a little cheap and it is not as sturdy as you would expect. While it is a smart television, it does not have an Internet browser, if that is important to you, look elsewhere.


While significantly better than the C40RTS, the C43RTS lacks a little in terms of quality and sturdiness. The screen has some great colors and is packed with pixels, so if you can pick it up, care about the screen and don’t care about how it feels, this television was made for you.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C43RTS