Cello C40SFS4K Review

They are TV sets and then there are ‘TV sets’ if you know what I mean and the cello C40SFS4K seems to fall under the smart TV sets; the clear, supersonic sound quality, widescreen but to mention a few. Below we’ll take some time to look at what makes the Cello C40SFS4K brilliant and what makes it ordinary.
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Screen Size: 40 inches
Display Type: LED
HDMI Ports: 4
USB Ports: 2
Smart Capable: Yes

  • Superfast Smart TV with built in Wi-Fi allowing you to switch quickly between terrestrial and online streaming content.
  • The Android smart platform gives you the ability to download 1000’s of apps from Google play store. Eliminate the need for streaming boxes and download popular apps such as BBC iplayer, Netflix, Kodi, NowTV etc.
  • Unique Cello play functionality allows you move backwards and forwards through the EPG to easily catch up and record future programs.
  • Air mouse remote control with 9-axis gyroscope makes it easy to navigate the smart user interface.
  • This TV is wall mountable
  • UK made TV with customer services and sales helpline based in the UK


  • An android app function might be attractive to android users but it is only infuriating to apple users and might not only be distasting, it could also dissuade them.
  • While a 40” inch display might be okay for some consumers, there might obviously be the need for a larger display from some consumers, making this model fall behind some other TV models in the market.
  • A UK made TV with UK customized features might need to be hacked before being accessed in other countries.

The Cello C40SFS4K Superfast Smart 4K HDR TV seems to be any consumer’s answer to perfection at its best, I personally love the features and with the size to match, this TV might just be the one.
Check out the latest price for the Cello C40SFS4K