Cello C40RTS Review

The Cello C40RTS is a 40-inch LED television that features both Freeview and Catch Up, but these features are rendered almost unusable due to the software setup and shoddy build of this model. Many users have reported crashing or unexpected behaviour, and struggle to deal with the built-in software. If you can however get it to work, it has a less-than-decent picture that is nothing to write home about.


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Screen size: 40 inches

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Input: x3 HDMI, RCA component with audio, RF input, VGA with PC audio, x2 USB, Common Interface, RCA composite with audio

Output: 3.5 mm headphone jack, Digital Audio

Special Feature: Freeview and Catch Up


This television boasts a wide variety of inputs ironically including the rather uncommon Common Interface. It also has access to both Freeview and Catch Up, but these may not be useful due to the problems it has with software and user interface. With a 1080p resolution, it has an okay picture, but this is a cheaply made television and there are certainly much better 1080p panels.


This television’s downsides outweigh its benefits, because while it does have a wide variety of ports and inputs, they are not easily usable due to the clunky software installed. Users are not able to see text when they are standing right next to the screen without squinting and have reported many connectivity issues with Freeview, Catch Up, Netflix, and Prime Video. While it technically says it is a smart television, it does not even have a browser.


There is no reason that you would want to buy this television unless you really wanted to use Common Interface. It is not well-made nor implemented and users will have more success elsewhere. There are plenty of well-made 1080p televisions in this price bracket, and this one is not recommended.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C40RTS