Cello C40BRT Review

The features in cello C40BRT might be exactly what you need for your home, office or your business. It features a combination of terrestrial channels and online streaming into one unit. But on a sincere note, Cello doesn’t make perfect TVs and may not stand the test of time. There are lots of complaints about their products and this one is definitely not an exception.


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40 inch HD widescreen Full HD LED TV.

Built-in Freeview T2 HD catches.

Screen resolution: 1366 × 768.

16.7 million display colours.

HDMI × 3 inputs for external devices and games consoles.


  • The built-in Wi-Fi allows easy connection with your smartphone or Tablet enabling you to have access to the internet.
  • It has preloaded streaming apps and catch up apps with a combination of terrestrial channels.
  • With 16.7 million display colours and a contrast ratio of 500:1. This HD Ready display provides you the best colour payoff from the whitest whites to the darkest blacks.
  • With the USB input, you can record live TV watch saved media and add an external keyboard with ease.
  • The 3 HDMI inputs allow you to use external devices such as skyboxes and games consoles without much difficulty in cable swapping.


The unit wall-mountable bracket is not included. It does not have a browser.  There is no built-in DVD player in this model of Cello.


The Cello 40BRT is not a popular one at all and would rarely be found in stores. It can be said to be almost the same as the Cello 40RTS which has left many customers disappointed. I don’t see any reason why you should go for this TV while there are better options on the market.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C40BRT