Cello C32FVP Review

The Cello 32” Freeview Play is a smart LED TV that has its performance to make up for its relatively small screen. It is an ideal secondary TV, probably to be situated in the bedrooms. Its 720p HD resolution forms a perfect collaboration with the LED display that enables it to prove elegant pictures.

For those who like to have a variety of entertainment options to choose from, the Freeview tuner on the TV allows you to view more than sixty (60) TV and radio channels without even subscribing. It is also an excellent small-screen TV to play games on. The HDMI and USB ports allow you to connect your console and USB devices so that you can view already stored media.


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Screen size: 32.”

Screen Resolution (max): 1366 x 768 pixels

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, TV Aerial input, Coaxial output


  • The digital Freeview that comes with the Cello C32FVP allows you to explore various channels without even having to pay any subscription fee.
  • For a small-screen TV, the picture quality is great. It gives the best possible colors you will ever find on a 720p TV.
  • The sound is loud and clear, enabling you to hear every detail that is being said without stressing your ears.


  • The viewing angle is minimal. You may have to set the television at the angle that is the best fit.
  • The screen resolution makes the viewing of some very high-quality content quite difficult.


The Cello C32FVP is the best mini-sized TV you can get to put in your bedroom and those of your kids. It gives you colorful and elegant pictures while you lie down, relaxing on your bed. It is also a good gaming TV, and you will enjoy using it.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C32FVP