Cello C32227T2 Review

This is a very unique TV which can run on an in-built battery. It also has an adapter for car charging and two USB ports that can be used to charge mobile phones. Another strange thing is that it comes with two wired LED bulbs. From this peculiar extras, it is obvious that this TV was created with campers in mind but that does not stop it for being a decent indoor TV.


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Resolution size: 720p

Resolution Type: HD Ready

Screen size: 32 inch

Screen type: LCD

Battery: Yes


Battery life is surprisingly good and can go 7 hours even during Dynamic picture mode and volume at the highest. If you minimize visual and audio performance, it can stretch up to 10 hours.

Being able to use this to charge mobile phones makes a great incentive for buyers looking for a true outdoors TV.

Picture performance is very impressive for a TV that is designed for a rocky outdoors environment. Contrast is worthy of note, blacks are actually black and tones are consistently natural.


It does not attempt a flashy design with everything being functional. The back is chunky and made out of plastic, something most people are not used to seeing on TVs anymore. You have to remember though that the design has to cater to its big rechargeable battery.

There is no wireless support, be it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This makes it difficult to get content on your mobile easily transmitted to the TV or accessing online media.


Definitely an unusually TV which is built to suit campers. It is affordable and though it lacks wireless connectivity, it offers a lot of functionality.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C32227T2