Cello C22230F-Traveller Review

Add some entertainment into rooms like kitchen and bathroom which do not require a large TV. This TV offers full HD viewership, immersing you in vibrant colours and remarkably clear display. Its LED screen makes sure energy consumption is kept to a minimum.


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Resolution size: 1366 x 768

Resolution type: Full HD

Screen size: 22 inch

Screen type: LED


Due to it being so light, it is very easy to carry it around. Set up is also very easy, as the stand has only a few screws to get it secured. Though there are other portable forms of entertainment these days, nothing beats the relatively wider display a television offers. It is perfect for caravans not only because of the size but thanks to its domestic power adapter that lets you plug it to a vehicle.

This small TV has lots of room for hooking up devices. With Two HDMI ports, three USB slots, VGA input, headphone jack, as well as a digital audio port. There are so many ways to entertain yourself when you take this set with you on an adventure.

To conserve even more space, this TV spares you the additional burden of having a DVD player by coming with a built-in player at its back.


It does not look particularly sleek with wide bezels. Though this is understandable considering the number of featuring this tiny TV packs.

The in-built speakers do no provide an impressive sound performance. Sound is not very loud but this could be remedied with a separate speaker plugged into its many inputs.


It would not be a very impressive TV for a living room or even a bedroom but it is a travellers delight at a cheap price.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C22230F-Traveller