Cello C20230F Review

According to the manufacturers, good things come in small packages. If you are wondering how true that statement is, especially as the same brand has a bigger TV, below we are going to discuss salient positives and negatives of owning this 20-inch television before arriving at a verdict.

Cello is the only LED TV brand manufacturing in the UK and intends to cater to not just British tastes but extend its reach globally. Their C20230F model seems to be primarily directed at people you like to carry TVs on the road with them.


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Resolution Type: HD Ready

Resolution size: 720p

Screen size: 20 inch

Screen type: LED


As I mentioned earlier, this TV is great for taking with you whether camping, truck driving or caravanning. It comes with a built-in satellite tuner where you could easily hook up a satellite dish to access your shows.

Even though this TV has an in-built DVD player, it still succeeds at being light and thin enough for it to be mounted on a wall.

It is white. This might not be a plus to all but it definitely makes it stand out from other sets.

It carries ports for USB and HDMI which allow access to an even wider array of media content.


The display was a bit disappointing with natural tones failing to stay true. There was a green tinge that would not disappear no matter how much we tweaked the settings. We also found that it was a too bright and eye-strain was something we had to contend with when viewing in the dark.

It does not sound so great. This makes sense because of a tiny TV with a DVD player taking up much of its physical space.


It is similar to the C22230F-Traveller model but with a smaller screen and a cheaper price. A decent choice for people on the move who want to maximize space and minimize cost.


Check out the latest price for the Cello C20230F