Cello 12 ZRTMF0291 Traveller Review

Are you looking to get Free-to-Air television channels? You have it right here on the Cello 12 ZRTMF0291 Traveller television model. Aside from that, the channels will be delivered in High Definition (HD).

Worthy of mention is that the HDMI input on this television set enables you to connect your external devices. That is not leaving out the Miracast Function that allows you to connect your Android devices to the television.

For more added features, the manufacturer of this television added the USB inputs. It among many other things, allows you to add and play your media files in other devices. You can also leverage the USB input to pause live television action and record the same if you want.


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Miracast Function

Screen Size: 19-inch

USB 2.0 allows you to play media files and record/pause digital TV

Features Terrestrial and Satellite Tuners so you will get Free-to-Air HD Channels


  • The lightweight design of this television allows you to take it along with you if you don’t want to install it in your home.
  • You will love the built-in Satellite Tuner that is excellent at finding available HD Channels provided it is plugged in a Satellite Dish.


  • The HD Channels may not work well or may break up when watching.


The Cello 12 ZRTMF0291 Traveller television model has its fair share of downsides, such as not delivering all the HD Channels even when used in a high signal area.

That notwithstanding, it still measures up in terms of the lightweight design for mobility, the Miracast Function for connecting your Android devices, and the USB 2.0 for added entertainment.


Check out the latest price for the Cello 12 ZRTMF0291 Traveller