Brinno TLC2000 Review

The Brinno TLC 2000 model is a very unique brand that has poped up today’s market, its uniqueness in video validification and upgrading is tremendous, it both reduces the size of the video, In this model the


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Processor; Intel Core i7

Memory; 8GB SD card

Storage; 130GB

Screen; 2 inches, LCD

Resolution; 1920 x 1080

Mode; HD, 1.3MP

 Benefits; The brunno TLC2000 models are brands of which has a view angle of 120 degrees this enables the shutter to have a narrow function.

They are usually stored at low temperatures of 32 degree Fahrenheit to 113 degree Fahrenheit,

 The mode of LCD gives a fair resolution mode. Its battery has a durable life that last long, also it possesses two interchangeable lenses giving an option of choice of suitable lense.

The Image sensor of the brinno TLC 2000 gives a tremendous lapse video time.


 The degree of its lens is tilted, affecting the quality of image.

 It comes along with low light sensitivity which does not readily permit greater dispersion in light.

It also requires a mount and a connector.


On the overall it presents a lapse time video formulation

It provides a high accurate intensity due to its well defined Image sensor.

It provides a rewinding reader, playback, slow motions of video.

It requires no dogmatic skill for focusing.


Check out the latest price for the Brinno TLC2000