bObsweep (726670294609) Review

I know cleaning a house while children and pets are around is like shovelling during a blizzard, but you should not let your home stink like a dump site. Sweeping only removes dust and small debris which are visible on the floor. Grab bObsweep, and all cleaning work will be done to the perfection.
The vacuum cleaner is an elegant solution to the part of pet ownership we all like. It can sweep, vacuum and mop the floor without being trained. It has a whooping 7500RPM TurboLift Motor that sucks dust, dirt, and hair from the deepest reaches of all types of carpets.
Check out the latest price for the bObsweep (726670294609)
The vacuum cleaner has the following features:

  • UV Light and Filtration
  • Low Track Contouring
  • High-Capacity Battery
  • Dirt Sensors
  • 3-Cleaning Modes


  • bObsweep Pet Hair vacuums sweep and Mops your floor. It has a whooping 7500RPM TurboLift Motor that sucks all the dust and loose dirt from the carpets and rugs. The cleaner’s powerful rotating brushes clear all the trash on its way.
  • The vacuum cleaner has an Ultra-Violet lamp that shines on the floor to sterilize the floor. Its filters trap all the microscopic particles on the air around; thus it is appropriate to dust allergic individuals.
  • If your house has stairs and different floor levels, run to the next shop and buy bObsweep, it has a Spring -Actuate Surface Automator that adjusts itself to match the level of any surface for maximum cleaning.


  • Some users have noted that the vacuum cleaner loses focus while cleaning. It starts cleaning out good then as soon as it rolls over a wet area, the wheels lose traction and spins around helplessly.

The cleaner has a healthy relationship with pets, it churns them and keeps them busy chasing it around the house as it vacuums. Most pets like stalking bObsweep and some even take a ride on it as it goes about its business. Buy this vacuum cleaner for your pet and clean floors.
Check out the latest price for the bObsweep (726670294609)