When you are not in the sporty mood, health trackers accessories are not the ideal fit, until now. Introducing the new all-round Bellabeat Time. An everyday luxury hybrid wellness watch, suitable for any person or occasion. Time is an elegant timepiece with smart technology incorporated in this unique watch.

Once connected to the new Bellabeat app, you will gain access to insights of all your overall well-being, stress management and track your activity and sleep.

Below we will review some of the most important benefits and downsides to this model to see if it might be right for you.


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  • Color: Rose Gold
  • Weight: 65 g
  • Power source: CR2032 coin cell
  • Battery duration: Up to 6 months
  • Connectivity: Wireless


Water resistance: This smart watch isinnovated with an ATM grade 3 – splash resistant. Which can withstand showering and occasional contact with water.

Long-lasting battery: The watch is powered by a replaceable coin battery with up to six months of durability. It makes everyone’s life much easier and relaxed without having to think about charging.

Perfect for women: It’s beautiful to wear at night and comes with a sporty-elegant fashion watch that reveals a variety of features in addition to the Bellabeat app. 

Exceptional compatibility with both the Android and iPhone phone models.


The period tracker is strange. This smart watch does not accurately track period and flaws greatly here.

Step count and Sleep time are inaccurate sometimes.

Activity reminders are unreliable

Sync is unreliable while activity reminders are unreliable.


The Bellabeat Time HT-10TM-RG-01 watch model is above average in terms of performance and portability. Regardless of the flaws, it has this smart watch model is ideal for all types of users. Buy one and you will not regret this smart watch.


Check out the latest price for the BELLABEAT TIME HT-10TM-RG-01