Asus Zenbook UX325JA-EG125T Review

Have you ever heard the saying, “small but mighty”? Well, nothing ever illustrates that expression better than the Asus Zenbook UX325JA-EG125T laptop. It is a marvel of technological ingenuity and professionalism. 

Designed with glistering grey or misty lilac colour, this machine is attractive, portable, and functionally optimum. If your work or lifestyle lives on the road, you should probably go for this Asus Zenbook.

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  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • Memory: 8GB/16GB/32GB of LPDDR4 RAM
  • Storage: 256GB/512GB/1TB
  • Screen: 13.3 inches full HD


  • Although it has a portable size, this laptop functions better than some bigger ones. Thunderbolt 3 USB type C, a USB type A, and a micro SD, and HDMI ports allow you to send, receive, and process files. 
  • With a groundbreaking 67 Wh battery that can last up to 22 hours, you get to flex all you want. Even better is the 65W charger with incredible quick-charging attributes. This charger can boost your battery to 60% in just 50 minutes.
  • The Asus Zenbook UX325JA-EG125T can multitask and make execute your commands in a very snappy manner. This is a result of its large random access memory and ample storage space.
  • This laptop is noiseless as it comes with a very silent fan that carries out its function without any hiccup.
  • The Asus Zenbook comes with a mesmerizing NanoEdge display that creates a near-perfect image. It gives a brightness of 450 nits making a crystal clear view.
  • Typing is made easy with this laptop made with the latest edge-to-edge keyboard design, which increases productivity. It also has an ErgoLift hinge feature which raises the screen by 3 degrees making typing convenient.


  • Some key features like touchscreen or finger-sensor are absent
  • Many users have complained of a creaking sound made by the lid when picking up the laptop.


This laptop supports a busy lifestyle, and it can serve other lifestyles and purposes. The better news is that it is a great value for its price.

Check out the latest price for the Asus Zenbook UX325JA-EG125T.