Asus X540MA-GQ221T Review

We have reviewed many budget friendly laptops that are budget friendly because they are small and compact but finding a full sized budget model can be a bit harder. Today we are looking at the Asus X540MA-GQ221T which is inexpensive enough to be considered a budget model but also has a full sized 15.6 inch display. Below we will check out some of its key benefits and downsides to see just how well it stacks up.
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Processor: Intel Pentium
Memory: 4 GB of RAM
Storage: 1 TB SATA
Screen: 15.6 Inches
OS: Windows 10


– As we mentioned above you will find a full sized 15.6 inch display on this model which is perfect for those who are not willing to compromise on screen size when seeking out a good budget laptop model
– Storage space is plentiful on this device with a huge 1 TB drive available
– Plenty of space is available for your external devices with 3 USB ports provided and one of these even runs on the newer and faster USB 3.0 technology
– With up to 10 hours of battery life staying mobile is quite easy even though it is a full sized model


– This model runs a bit on the heavy side compared to more expensive options with a total weight of 2 KG
– Asus has removed the optical drive from this model so if you still use physical media you will be forced to have to purchase an external drive for this purpose
– Specs are limited with only an Intel Pentium processor and just 4 GB of memory. This laptop is not going to be ideal for power users and is better suited for basic day to day tasks


It may not be a high performing laptop but the Asus X540MA-GQ221T does provide the basics and all of this for a budget friendly price.
Check out the latest price for the Asus X540MA-GQ221T