ASUS Flip Chromebook C434TA- AI0109 Review

Not all laptop’s specifications please one’s needs. But it could be quite exciting being a user of a particular notebook that could be used to accomplish almost all tasks. ASUS Chromebook C434TA is quite an advanced device with brilliant features and specification that are quite pleasing. More details on this laptop would be brought to the limelight as you proceed to read further.


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· Storage: 128 GB eMMC

· Weight: 1.45kg 

· Battery life: 10 hours 48 Wh

· Processor: i5-8200Y 1.3 GHz

· Number of Battery Cells: 3 


– It has a fantastic battery life that could take as long as 10 hours for practical usage. Enjoy the power of a durable battery life while using ASUS Chromebook C434TA while computing

– Its portability makes it quite fascinating and intriguing for a good number of users who prefer their devices being quite portable and easily movable.

· The laptop has a brilliant and elegant design. Unlike others, Chromebook C434 is being extolled to have an outstanding and catchy design.

· A brilliant display remains a prominent feature that can’t be neglected. With a fascinating 14inch and 1080p touch screen, you should be drawn and attached. 


– There isn’t enough space for ports as assumed, but the valuable essentials remain valid and usable for users utmost satisfaction.

– ASUS Chromebook C434TA is quite known not to be so durable especially when its user accidentally drops it. The laptop might get enormously damaged beyond repair. So it’s advisable to be very careful during usage. 

Verdict Desperation for the right laptop has always been a thing amongst users. ASUS Chromebook C434TA is quite valuable with its essential features which makes it a fantastic tool for affective computing. From the durable battery life to the brilliant display, this laptop should be suitable enough in achieving numerous computing tasks for its users.


Check out the latest price for the ASUS Flip Chromebook C434TA- AI0109