Asus CT100PA-AW0026-3Y Review

Call Asus CT100PA the student book, it is what it is. Asus CT100PA is a rugged tablet for everyday use or college use where the unexpected happens. This 9.7” tablet is built to give a rugged feel and compact design and terrific battery life. It is a device that can be your buddy through thick and thin. It is built to withstand harsh conditions including extreme temperatures and humidity.

It also has a compact size, ergonomic design, and a built-in pen that strikes it as not just flexible but unique to anyone.


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1.    Processor – Rockchip RK3399 Hexa Core (1.60GHz, Max Turbo Speed 2.0GHz)

2.    Screen size – 9.7”

3.    RAM/storage – 4GB RAM and 32GB storage

4.    Screen resolution – 1536 x 2048

5.    Battery life – up to 10 hours


1.    Asus CT100PA is a great choice for a sophisticated learning experience, augmented reality in several ways and excellent communication opportunities

2.    It is specially built to withstand accidental drops and intensive use. The four exterior edges and corners are protected by a tough rubber bumper that helps to reduce shock and keep key components safe

3.    The Asus CT100PA is also compact and easy to carry, it also has a micro-dimple finish that makes it easy to handle

4.    The resolution is also brilliant, it makes the real world beauty with stunning details and engaging viewing experience.


1.    For a student that loves pictures, Asus CT100PA may not give that magic with its 2MP (front) and 5MP (rear)

2.    The storage and RAM may be a huge downside for many, especially if you have a lot of things you want to do all at once.


The Asus CT100PA tablet is a great choice for any student, with its powerful processor, great design, and lasting battery life and a plus – it is affordable. It is definitely what every student should look out for.


Check out the latest price for the Asus CT100PA-AW0026-3Y