Asus Cloudbook E406SA-BV242TS Review

The perfect laptop for your needs doesn’t have to be expensive, and the new Asus Cloudbook E406SA-BV242TS proves this. This Chrome OS-powered laptop covers all the basics the average day to day user needs while coming in at a budget-friendly price. 

Below we will take a deeper look at this new laptop model and see just how well it stacks up to the competition.

Check out the latest price for the Asus Cloudbook E406SA-BV242TS.

Asus Cloudbook E406SA-BV242TS Specifications

  • Processor: Intel Celeron N3000
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Storage: 64 GB eMMC
  • Screen: 14 Inches
  • OS: Chrome OS


  • The obvious benefit of this new Asus model is price. Everybody is looking for the best-priced model that will fit their needs, and this new model is extremely budget-friendly
  • The 14-inch display offers enough viewing area that you don’t need to make a major adjustment to use it while still being quite mobile-friendly
  • This laptop weighs just 1.3 KG while also being compact enough to be great on the go option. Those who travel often and want a device that will be easy to take along will love what this has to offer
  • With up to 14 hours of battery life on a single charge, most users will have no problem getting a full day of use out of a single charge.


  • Like most Chromebook models, this device does not come with high-end processing power or a large amount of system memory. This is fine for running day to day applications, but if you want to run high-end applications, this can be a limitation you will want to consider
  • Storage space is also limited on this device, with just 64 GB available. You will need to consider other options like online storage or external storage to cover your needs if you save any amount of data
  • It also doesn’t come with a high-end graphics card, so many of the high-end modern games that require plenty of video power will be unable to run on this device


It isn’t going to cover all users’ needs, but for those who need a basic day-to-day laptop that is affordable, it is tough to beat the Asus Cloudbook E406SA-BV242TS offers.

Check out the latest price for the Asus Cloudbook E406SA-BV242TS.