Asus Chromebook C101PA-FS002 Review

If there is a device that has several orientations i.e. ways in which it can be used, it is definitely Asus Chromebook C101PA-FS002. With the 360-degree rotatable touchscreen, the Chromebook can be used either as a Notebook, Tablet, Stand or Tent. Now, each one of these touchscreen orientations goes thus: Notebook mode when you want to make research and do some writing; Tablet mode when you want to chat with friends; Stand mode when you want to see a movie or read a novel and Tent mode when you want to share files, images, videos with friends. In fact, it is simple flexible and versatile. It has a metal body which makes it strong and durable, portable body or light weight and very easy to carry around.
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Processor: OP1
Processor Speed
Memory: 4 GB of RAM
Storage: 16 GB SSD/eMMC
Screen: 10.1 inches

  • 4 rotatable touchscreen orientations (Notebook, Tablet, Stand, Tent) that allows it to be served for different purposes.
  • Users can work both online and offline
  • Metal lightweight body that enhances durability and long-use
  • All android applications can be run on the device via the Google Play Store.


  • Even though it has a metal body, it is thin and has a fragile body. Direct impact with a hard surface could result in great damage.
  • Battery life depends on daily use and the condition of the environment. Therefore, battery life on a regular is good (about 9 hours max.) but it decreases as time goes by.

If you are a user who wants something for multipurpose use like chatting, research work, sharing of files, reading novels, Asus Chromebook C101PA-FS002 is a great choice for you because it allows you to do all you want with the aid of its rotatable touchscreen orientation.
Check out the latest price for the Asus Chromebook C101PA-FS002