Asus C423NA-EC0156 Pen Review

Asus C423NA-EC0156 Pen is the ideal laptop for those looking for a big machine with great usability. The machine is extremely portable and has a long battery life, which further makes it ideal for travelers, students, and other people who are always moving from one place to another. Below is a detailed review of the laptop.


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Processor: Intel Pentium N4200

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Storage: 32 GB eMMC

Screen:  14 inches

Weight: 2.34kg


-The storage space offered by this machine is hardly found in most other machines. With 32 GB worth of storage, users can store a lot of content without necessarily having to add external storage devices.

-It has a great hinge that allows the users to lay the machine 180-degrees flat. This makes its content to be viewed by many people. The hinges have also been tested and proven to be durable.

-The laptop features a good design. This includes the aluminum coated finishing that gives it a sleek and modern look.

-The machine has various connectivity ports. This allows for the addition of external devices, either for additional storage or to gaming access to the internet and enjoy online games and other stuff on the internet.

-The machine in not just priced competitively but has good warranty terms as well.


-Some of its users have complained of the quality of sounds produced by the machine. Too some, the sound is too loud and of poor quality.

-Some users have complained of the quality of the bottom part of the machine’s case.


From this review of the Asus C423NA-EC0156 Pen, there is no doubt that it is a great entertainment companion that anyone would wish to acquire. It has all the features that game lovers will look for in a laptop. It also comes at a good priced which most people can afford.


Check out the latest price for the Asus C423NA-EC0156 Pen