Anycubic UK-WSA0BK Review


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The UK-WSA0BK is an all-in-one device. It comes with a built-in 356nm/405nm UV light set. It is also compatible with most of the UV / LCD / DLP 3D printers on the market, such as Photon, Photon S, Photon Zero, Mars, and Orange 10 Yellow, etc. 


UV lights: 405nm+365nm

Weight: 6kg

Dimensions: 47.8×29.6×28.5 cm

Control method: Touch button LED indicator


  • Versatile Washing Mode: You can put the models in the bracket to wash or mount the photon series build plate to avoid direct contact with uncured resin. You can adjust the height of the suspension bracket to suit the liquid level in the bucket, allowing every model more fully cleaned.
  • Wash and Cure: Dual purpose design, this machine adopts a unique control system, which supports 3d printing models washing and curing in one machine, makes the operating process more efficient with less effort to meet your different needs.
  • Built-in 356nm(8pcs) and 405nm(8pcs) UV light set to produce the uniform light intensity, the UV-LED array stage has been kept 360 degrees rotating during exposure, which enables all angles of your print to be cured and exposed correctly.
  • The top cover can block 99.95% UV light, and UV light will be immediately shut off if the top surface has been removed—perfect safe design.
  • The suspension bracket height can be adjusted to suit the bucket’s liquid level; every model is thoroughly cleaned.
  • It comes with a sealed container and lid to store the washing liquid and re-use it.


  • The curing platform does vibrate slightly, leaving models open to moving around. 
  • The basket should have two hanging hooks instead of one.


The Anycubic UK-WSA0BK is an incredible Wash and Cure at an unbelievable price. Some critical parts are missing, like the hooks of its basket.


Check out the latest price for the Anycubic UK-WSA0BK