Amazonbasics Slim RB1-UK Review

Amazonbasics as a brand offers everyday items for your home, office, garden, and more. An example of such item is the Amazonbasics’ Slim RB1-UK. It is a high-performance robotic vacuum cleaner. What can this machine do? Cleaning your home without lifting a finger. One machine with five cleaning modes. Powerful wheels to overcome obstacles. Simple to use remote control system with one button start. Compact design for complete cleaning access. Only 7.9 cm to fit easily under sofas and chairs. Returns to charge automatically. It also comes at a very affordable price. The Amazonbasics brand is on the road to become a part of your daily convenience for electronic products and lifestyle.


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Battery Capacity: 5200mAh

Weight: 3.58 kilograms

Dimension: 29.49×29.49×7.9

Suction power: 800Pa

Capacity: 0.37 litres


  • This marvel of modern technology is jam-packed with ingenious features. It has four in-built sensors on the bottom to avoid falls, and anti-collision sensors to prevent scuffing furniture and walls. The detachable mopping accessory makes it easy to comprehensively clean floors without lifting a finger. It is an all-round innovative design.
  • With four unique modes to choose from, you can easily customize how your vacuum cleans. Select auto-cleaning mode for an all-round approach, edge to tackle sideboards and corners spot to tidy up odds and ends, or zigzag for a more methodical clean. Whichever you choose, the removable washable dual-side brushes will make short work of any mess. And for those with pets the roll-brush design means no tangled hair or fur. 
  •   Designed for both hard floors and thin carpets, this vacuum can clean your entire home. It has a low-profile and compact design, so it can easily vacuum underneath and around furniture, and powerful wheels to climb low obstacles like rugs.


  • Area of coverage is small.


This Robotic vacuum is an efficient and affordable accessory for domestic activities.


Check out the latest price for the Amazonbasics Slim RB1-UK