Alienware M15 9621X Review

The Alienware M15 9621X Laptop gives you incredible gaming in an impressively portable design. It is built with high- end industrial materials such as magnesium alloy, the lightest structural metal in the world, meticulously designed for a performance- driven user experience. The thin and light chassis prioritises performance with a dual fan design that allows the passage of air through the bottom vents, and exhales axhaust through the side and rear vents.

Not only is the M15 Alienware’s thinnest laptop ever at 0.8 inches thick, its also the most attractive and while it has a thinner design, it still gets strong performance with an Intel Core i7- 8750H and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 MAX- Q GPU. Competitive and professional sports team around the globe leverage the power of this model to compete at the highest level as one of the most succesful squad in the world. Highlighted are some important benefits and downside to this model.


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Processor- Intel Core i9- 8750H

Memory- 8GB of RAM

Storage- 512GB SSD

Screen- 15.6 Inches


  • Smooth fast motion graphics to ensure all your games, movies and graphic design projects look incredible too, with stunning detail and pleasing smooth motion regardless of how hectic the action gets.
  • Efficient materials like copper, anodized aluminium, magnesium alloy and steel provide a premium lightweight and performance- driven gaming experience.
  • The slimmer frame maximises viewing space, allowing visuals to come alive with crisp range of colors.


  • Runs hot, especially while gaming (144 degree Fahrenheit)
  • Big plastic bezels that’s very thick on the top and bottom
  • Lackluster speakers


Alienware’s first attempt at a thin and light gaming notebook is inherently durable. Its far less bulky than previous models and with its thin redesign comes long lasting battery and strong performance. Those who don’t mind dealing with a bit of heat should strongly consider the Alienware M15 9621X. This brand has created a strong contender in a growing world of slim and powerful gaming laptops.


Check out the latest price for the Alienware M15 9621X