Alienware Aurora R8 AWAUR8-7013SLV-PG8 Review

This is a mid-tower desktop with a MicroATX motherboard, it offers a wide variety of upgradable options and meets a lot of requirements top on the gamers list. It’s the smallest dual-graphics desktop and wonderful tool-less features as tool-less graphics, expansion cards, hard drives and memory. Its internal arrangement and cooling system deliver cool air towards the core components with exhausts at the top, and rear parts of the system, all these carefully outlined features are designed to give optimum result and performance.


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Processor: intel core 17

Processor speed: 4.6 GHz

Memory: 16GB

Graphics processor: NVIDIA GeForce

Hard drive size: 2 TB


  • Its memory size is really wonderful, showing efforts were made it improve it above the normal.
  • Has a really attractive processor speed which gives fast and reliable results
  • A wonderful display of 12k (3x 4k displays) which will give you an awesome experience of graphical technology
  •  Give the user a chance to customize the system on how it will serve him, thus really a user-friendly system.
  • The operating system of Windows 10 shows it’s a system moving with the trend and change in technology


  • No details are given on its sound capacity
  • The system seems to be a noisy one, and no improvement was made on reducing the noise as it has other wonderful features
  • It’s a heavy system that will occupy space


Are you a fun-loving, adventurous individual? Then this system is one to be laid hands-on, it’s built with innovative and creative features that enable the user get at work with anything he desires, very fast and reliable, its processor speed ensures for that. This is a modern-day system, and the RAM size assures us that we can’t be disappointed. For game lovers, this system will accommodate all of your varying game options and give you a thrilling experience you will love to keep having. Its user-friendly attribute makes it easily accessible and won’t require many guides to get it to be able to use. Alienware Aurora R8 AWAUR8-7013SLV-PG8 is an awesome system. I believe those who love experiencing new things would not have a second option in giving this system a chance.


Check out the latest price for the Alienware Aurora R8 AWAUR8-7013SLV-PG8