Acer Chromebook 14 CB514-1 HT NX.HFLEK.002 Review

Chromebooks have in-built storage for offline access to users most important files and an additional 100GB Google rive space to ensure that all the files are automatically backed up.


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CPU: Intel Celeron N3450 Quad-Core Processor

Screen: 14 -Inch Full High Definition Comfy View Widescreen


Storage: 64 GB eMMC

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 80.11 ac Dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Ports: 2- USB-C USB 3.1 Generation 1 and 2-USB 3.0

Battery: 3-Cell Li-Polymer(3950mAh)

Keyboard: Backlit keyboard and Aluminium chassis

Operating System: Google Chrome


  • The narrow bezel allows a 14 screen in a smaller footprint while still enjoying the benefits of a wide viewing angle and full High Definition IPS touch screen to enjoy the full majesty of films, videos and live tv shows.
  • The backlit keyboards enable users to typeset comfortably in dim conditions. Users are able to see even if there is no other source of light.
  • The touchpad allows users to tap, swipe, scroll and zoom with ease.
  • The battery lifespan lasts up to 13 working hours with a single charge. There is no need of moving around with the charger since the battery goes for a long life.
  • Has a multipurpose port which allows users to share data quickly from one user to another, stream videos and also be used to charge the laptop.
  • Has a remarkable USB 3.1 type C port that can easily be attached to and be able to transfer data up to a speed of 5GB per second.
  • The operating system is software friendly and users can use all their favorite software anytime. It has almost all the social media applications such as Facebook, skype, Instagram and WhatsApp that are directly obtained from the Google play store.


  • Improve on the internal storage


In summary, the Chromebook is light and quality laptop.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Chromebook 14 CB514-1 HT NX.HFLEK.002