Acer Aspire A315-31-P3JX NX.GNTEK.002 Review

The Acer Aspire series is a powerhouse in the world of affordable laptops for everyday use. It’s not an insanely powerful machine, but it comes with a fair bit of specs making it a good option for functionality at an insanely attractive price.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Aspire A315-31-P3JX NX.GNTEK.002



Processor: Intel Pentium N4200

Memory: 4GB

Storage: 1TB HDD

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 505

Display Size: 15.6”

Resolution: 1280 x 720


Laptops in this price range always seem to compromise when it comes to memory. You’re lucky even if you get a 256GB hard drives which are pretty much never enough and force you to go through the hassle of getting an external hard drive. But Acer has made sure this doesn’t become a problem. You’re getting a 1TB hard drive with your Aspire A315 which is a huge steal at this price range.

The processor included in this machine is an Intel Pentium N4200 which may seem like your run-of-the-mill CPU, but it actually matches a Core i3 6th Generation processor in performance. You’re getting more CPU cores allowing your processor to tackle more processes at once all while operating at considerably lower consumptions of energy. That’s an extremely attractive feature of these N4000 series processors as it makes the laptop’s 37 Wh battery last a fairly long time.


  • The Intel Integrated 505 GPU isn’t capable of any gaming. You may be able to run some modern games on low settings with 15-20 fps, but it won’t be anything you can enjoy.
  • The screen leaves a lot to be desired. A standard 720p screen is not nearly enough in 2020. You could potentially get a 1080p screen in this price range and we’re sure people wouldn’t be too unhappy to pay slightly extra for a better screen.


All things considered, the Aspire is a good laptop for the price range. But, it certainly has some features that could use a definitive improvement. There are places where you can accept certain low-spec hardware, but in other places, it’s completely unacceptable to have that piece of hardware. Aspire A315 cheaps out on places that required a bit more attention, but it’s a decent device for people that don’t really care too much about getting that extra crisp screen or gaming.


Check out the latest price for the Acer Aspire A315-31-P3JX NX.GNTEK.002