ACEPC Mini PC GK3V 6+128 J4125 Review

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As its name suggests, the ACEPC Mini PC is an excellent portable computer package that gives you an extra boost no matter where you intend to use it. 

Powered by an Intel Celeron processor, this CPU unit comes with 4GB of RAM despite only being the size of a smartphone. It also has plenty of room for storage as it supports external HDD connections of up to 2TB, allowing you to use it to take entire gaming libraries with you should you need it. 

The ACEPC Mini PC comes with a host of connectivity options with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB 3.0 connections allowing for fast connections when linked to a monitor.


  • It offers good power for a portable CPU device offering 4GB of RAM as well as an Intel Celeron processor allowing it to handle anything a desktop PC could at the same time
  • Having the size of a standard smartphone only, its small body makes it easy to transport, making it the perfect CPU unit to take on holiday or to work whenever you need some extra computing power
  • It has excellent connectivity options with Wi-Fi and USB 3.0, allowing it to act as a standalone unit yet support a host of different external platforms such as routers, monitors, or microphones with ease.


  • It only has 25GB of internal SSD, so it needs an external hard drive should it need to be used for storing large amounts of files.
  • A short warranty of less than a year can hinder the device’s lifespan should anything go wrong.


Packing a lot of power into a small body, the ACEPC Mini PC is an excellent CPU unit that can allow you to take anything on the road with you and avoid sacrificing anything in terms of power or connectivity. 

Check out the latest price for the ACEPC Mini PC GK3V 6+128 J4125