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This 24” Smart HD Ready LED TV with built DVD player combines terrestrial channels with online streaming unlike any other Smart TV on the market. This TV comes with Freeview and Freeview HD channels as well as pre-loaded popular streaming apps such as Netflix and Prime Video, meaning you can simply relax into your world of TV entertainment. Find catch up apps such as BBC iPlayer, ALL 4, and ITV Hub ready and waiting for you straight out the box. The TV has built-in Wi-Fi for easy connection and also features USB inputs allowing you to record live TV, watch saved media and add an external keyboard with ease. The HDMI input will enable you to use external devices such as skyboxes and game consoles. It is also wall-mountable.


Screen size: 24 inches

Dimensions: 55.0×15.3×35.4 cm

Screen resolution: 1366×768 pixels

Connectivity: HDMI, USB, RJ45, Audio jack, RF, Wi-Fi


  • The FERGUSON F2420RTSF comes with a built-in DVD, making it suitable for watching home videos of both CD and DVD origins. You, therefore, don’t need to purchase a DVD player as this Smart TV got you covered. 
  • It also displays a wide range of colors to give you the best quality it can afford. There are up to 16.7 million colors available on this TV. Small but mighty, you would say.
  • You can also catch up on favorite TV shows that you missed, and you can watch videos from streaming apps like Netflix.
  • It comes with an HDMI port available for connecting your peripherals.
  • You can also enjoy a variety of TV channels from the built-in Freeview T2 HD Channels.
  • It also comes at an affordable price.


  • Doesn’t support Google Assistant or any digital assistant at all.
  • Low brightness quality.
  • Quality of display needs an upgrade.


Looking for a low budget smart TV that comes with a DVD player? Look no further; this Ferguson is what you need.  However, you might have to contend with the low display quality.     


Check out the latest price for the FERGUSON F2420RTSF