The Microsoft Surface GO 2 MHM-00002 is a tablet computer ideal for professionals who want a device that is fast and capable of carrying out their daily activities. It runs on Windows 10 Pro, which is the latest installment of the popular operating system. With other features such as the 8th Gen processor, it ranks top among tablet computer models you might need.


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  • Display Size: 10.5.” Full HD
  • Processor: 8th Gen Intel® Core™ m3 Processor.
  • Storage: 64GB eMMC / 128 SSD.
  • Memory: 4GB/8GB.
  • Software: Windows 10 Pro.


  • It comes with the latest installment of the operating system. Therefore, there is no hassle with updating the software.
  • Regular update is easy, with the Wifi connection and 4G support. Therefore, when the need arises, you can easily update, download, send, or receive files without encountering issues.
  • A 10.5 inches Full HD display ensures clarity. With the  220ppi rated screen, information is visible without users straining their eyes.  It also features a 10-point multi-touch, which increases the immersive effects seen there. The screen comes with a Corning Gorilla 3 glass, which denotes its strength.
  • There is a 4GB ram or 8GB RAM. For a tablet computer, the RAM size is enough for handling many processes. It also has a storage size of 64GB eMMC or 128SSD, which is enough for big files. The 128GB SSD is preferable because it increases the speed of the device.
  • It comes with an 8th Gen Intel l® Core™ m3, which can handle many processes at the same time.
  • It is lightweight, therefore checking emails or other jobs is easy. You can also use an embedded SIM or a physical sim. Users can convert it into a tablet or laptop, depending on the situation easily.


  • There should be more storage space.
  • It is not the device for heavy-duty work


The Microsoft Surface GO 2 MHM-00002 is the travel companion of professionals who want to work on the go. With its lightweight, portability, and ease of converting from a laptop to a tablet, it holds much value among students and artists alike.


Check out the latest price for the Microsoft Surface GO 2 MHM-00002


Microsoft Surface GO 2 MHM-00002 Review

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