For any with average means and working with a tight budget but would want to enjoy TV entertainment, this Blaupunkt may be the television of choice. It is an affordable TV that allows users enjoy to a great a deal what other costlier TVs offer. It comes in a compact and sturdy design. It is made specifically to be placed on a flat surface. It comes in black color and an attractive appearance that would be a welcome addition to the electronic equipments in a home or office. A benefit of using this Blaupunkt TV is its low power consumption ability which reduces the risk of power surges in the home or office where it is used.


Check out the latest price for the Blaupunkt BLA-236/2540-WB-5B-EGPS-UK



Screen size: 23.6”

Connectivity: two HDMI ports, one USB port


  • Its affordable price makes it ideal for low-income earners.
  • It contains Freeview HD Tuner system which makes it possible for users to enjoy a variety of channels and access cable TV stations.
  • It has a simple structure which makes it easy to set-up and put together in no time. Many users have set an average of 10 minutes of set-up time. This is remarkable for a TV of its kind of sophistication.
  • It contains USB media player which makes it possible for users to play songs and videos from a USB drive.
  • Many users have praised the TV for its excellent display prowess. Pictures and videos come out with crystal-clear details.


  • It doesn’t have HDR technology
  • It cannot access the internet. It is not a smart TV
  • Many find the TV to be too small.


 The Blaupunkt BLA-236/2540-WB-5B-EGPS-UK remains an economical and excellent work of art. Even at a cheap price is offers its users a good value for their money and a good TV experience.


Check out the latest price for the Blaupunkt BLA-236/2540-WB-5B-EGPS-UK


Blaupunkt BLA-236/2540-WB-5B-EGPS-UK Review

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