Asus ROG G35DX-UK014T Review

Asus continues to maintain its reputation as the republic of gamers with the manufacture of this work art. It possesses features that make it suitable for rigorous computing operations such as multiplayer games, video streaming, and downloading large files. It uses unique features like a liquid cooling system to ensure the computer maintains an optimum performance. It is crafted in an attractive appearance that beautifies your home or office. This makes it ideal to work in both environments. The Asus ROG G35DX-UK014T is made with the newest Windows operating system; Windows 10. This operating system enables the user to enjoy the newest deals in the world of technology. This computer was made to stand the test of time.


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Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X octa core.

Memory: up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM

Storage: 2TB hard drive with 256GB SSD

Screen: N/A

Dimensions: 43.3 cm×50.1cm×27.9cm

Graphics processor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics

Clock Speed: 3200MHz

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth 5.1

Warranty: 3 years


  • You are assured of a noiseless environment with Asus ROG G35DX-UK014T as it is engineered to produce little or no noise. Even with airflow and under rigorous computing operations the sound produced by the computer is below 30 decibels.
  • Because of its ample storage space, this desktop computer serves as a reliable work station. This makes it ideal for regular gamers.
  •  The makers of this PC have constructed it to allow airflow and to keep its core temperature as bearable as possible. For instance, the power supply is located in a different bay from that of the CPU and the graphics card. This layout reduces ambient temperatures and enables cross ventilation of the hardware components of the PC.


  • The features present on the Asus ROG G35DX-UK014T makes its price to be placed on the high side
  •  The PC weighs 15kg and covers a large area. This makes it unsuitable to be carried about or placed in a small area as it won’t just fit.


Asus ROG G35DX would serve as an excellent multipurpose computing machine because of its many dazzling features and specifications.


Check out the latest price for the Asus ROG G35DX-UK014T