Sony Bravia KD49XH8196PBU Review

Over the years, sony’s improvement has been highly remarkable with evolving technology, but that doesn’t mean that the new package is unaffordable for those who don’t have CEO in their job description. It is true of Sony Bravia KD49XH8196PBU. For Sony Bravia, Sony has created a new menu system that streamlines navigation by separating different categories of content into a series of pages that you scroll through. In this regard, it is similar to Samsung’s smart TV system, although Samsung’s interface is slicker and nicer to look at because of its more attractive use of colour. The pages provided here cover everything from the TV show suggestion to the Sony Video Unlimited movie streaming service and the TV setup guide.


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Display technology: LCD                  

LED backlight: N/A

Screen Finish: Matte             

Internet connection: No

Refresh rate(s): 60Hz                      

DLNA compliant: No


• Thanks to its deep black colours, the Sony Bravia KD49XH8196PBU produces surprisingly good picture quality at a price. It also has a powerful tone, a fairly easy-to-use menu system, and a decent selection of ports.

• The tweaking of the image or audio settings on this model is relatively straightforward. It doesn’t offer a colour management system, so then you’re left to play with the normal light, contrast, and brightness controls. It does, however, offer a fine degree of control over the processing options.

• Currently, this model has two TV guides on board. Alongside the basic Freeview guide, there is an Internet-enabled guide that will collect more knowledge about shows and movies, including knowledge about directors and actors.  


• This TV can often be sluggish to get going, and its smart TV technology isn’t as good as Samsung’s.  


The bottom line is that, despite its very reasonable price, the Sony Bravia KD49XH8196PBU   produces extremely good images, thanks to its accurate colours, deep black colours and strong handling of shadow detail. 


Check out the latest price for the Sony Bravia KD49XH8196PBU