You can be certain to view all of your online entertainment in a sharp 4 K resolution with the LG UN71006LB. You can download movies, films, and videos with Netflix, YouTube, and more through the webOS operating system. 


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Image quality: Good

Screen type: LED-LCD

Screen size: 55 inches

Viewing distance: 2.5 – 3 m

Quality viewing angle: Good

Sharpness: 4K (UHD)

Refresh rate: 50 Hz

Local dimming: Yes

Type local dimming: Backlit


  • To access these smart TV apps, simply link your TV to the internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Thanks to the IPS panel, this TV has a wide viewing angle, so you can also enjoy the image quality when watching TV from the side.  
  • You can connect 3 separate devices to 3 HDMI TV inputs. You’re never going to have to get behind the screen to switch cables.
  • Additionally, the WebOS operating system incorporates live TV, applications, and the internet in a concise summary.
  • Use Wi-Fi to link your TV to the internet wirelessly.
  • Due to the wide viewing angle, the quality of the picture does not decrease when you watch the TV from the side.


  • The TV doesn’t have a headset jack.


This TV LG offers 4 K Ultra HD spectacular display quality with vivid and accurate images. Immersive sound quality and award-winning LG WebOs smart platform lead to a great viewing experience, all in sleek style and minimalist two-foot stand.


Check out the latest price for the LG 55UN71006LB


LG 55UN71006LB Review

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