LG 49NANO866NA Review


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The LG NANO86 features Nano-cell technology, the most advanced LCD technology on the market. It delivers 4 K Ultra HD stunning image quality with pure and outstanding contrast levels. It also produces highly immersive three-dimensional sound and features the award-winning LG WebOs Smart Platform All in a slim cinema screen design and minimal crescent stand.


HDMI Input: 4

Internet Connection: Built-in Wi-Fi

Satellite Input (LNB): Yes

USB Input: 3

Dolby Vision: Yes

Game Mode: Yes

HDR (High Dynamic Range): Yes

HDR Type: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG


  • LG NANO-CELL is the most advanced LCD technology.
  • Stunning 4 K Ultra HD image quality with pure and vibrant colors (Dolby Vision)
  • Three-dimensional spatial sound quality (Dolby Atmos AI sound)
  • Slim movie screen design and minimalistic crescent stand
  • Award-winning easy-to-use LG webOS smart platform


  • Considerably expensive 


LG NanoCell TV makes all the scenes, real thanks to the bright color and sharp contrast. With optimized visuals and sound for a spectacular, more life-like experience, LG NanoCell TV can now enjoy true home cinema. LG NanoCell Technology creates stunning virtual worlds that surpass reality. Also, different game features such as Low Input Lag, HDMI 2.1, and HGiG allow you to move your gaming to the next level.


Check out the latest price for the LG 49NANO866NA