There are many impressive properties that you will like about this television. It must be mentioned that the manufacturer was intentional about calling it a “Travel TV” because of the portability. Therefore, if you are looking at buying a television set that can comfortably fit into your vacation needs, the Cello ZRTMF0222 Traveller is one you should consider.

More so, it isn’t short of some of the innovative and latest trends in the entertainment world. From screencasting to an array of television channel options, this is the best television model you will ever find out there.


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USB 2.0 for recording Digital TV and for recording and playing your files.


Miracast function

Uses the Digital Tuner Technology


  • Casting your favorite movies and digital files to play on television has never been as easy as Cello ZRTMF0222 Traveller makes it using the Miracast function.
  • You will find the USB 2.0 helpful in terms of allowing you to play media files and to record Digital TV.
  • The TV is perfect for travelers and those that want to minimize the hassles of carrying loads.


  • The screen size is limited to 22 inches.
  • You may not be entirely pleased with the use cases that are mostly limited to motor homes, caravans, and HGV’s.


From the look of things, the Cello ZRTMF0222 Traveller is the type of television that travelers and those out there for adventure will like to have.


Check out the latest price for the Cello ZRTMF0222


Cello ZRTMF0222 Traveller Review

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