The LG UM7050 delivers stunning 4 K Ultra HD image quality with sharp and detailed images that will leave you awestruck. Astounding immersive sound quality and award-winning LG WebOs smart platform contribute to a great viewing experience. Generally, all in a stylish design and minimalist two-foot stand. Additionally, whatever you choose to watch is shown in an incredible 4 K Ultra HD. This feature offers four times the resolution of a standard Full HD TV. However, this ensures that everything you see has finer details and much more vivid colors. It’s one thing with impressive picture quality, but without a good sound, it’s useless, this is where the UM7050 comes in its own, it features LG’s immersive sound that helps deliver the full package for your viewing experience.


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Display Type: 4K UHDScreen 

Size (in.): 65

Resolution: 3840 x 2160IPS 

Panel: Yes

Viewing Angle: Wide Viewing 

AngleBLU Type: Direct


  • The LG UM7050PLA features the award-winning webOS smart platform, making it much easier to find programs you love and offering all the most popular streaming services, such as Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney+. So now you’re never going to be stuck in front of the TV trying to find something to watch, you’ve got an incredible array of options to find your next favorite series.
  • It has a slim bezel look and sleek modern lines add a premium aesthetic design to your space and enhance your viewing experience.
  • Also, wherever you sit, the wide viewing angle of the IPS 4 K panel keeps you enthralled by spectacular realism — displaying almost 100 percent color accuracy, even from a 60-degree angle.
  • The slightest color difference is precisely reflected to produce sharper, richer, and more realistic colors. Stunning 4k ultra-HD image quality with sharp and detailed images
  • The immersive quality of sound (Ultra Surround)
  • Stylish style and sleek two-foot stand.
  • To use Voice Control, this requires the LG Magic Remote to be sold separately.


Sometimes, despite resetting, researching, and turning on and off, the TV lip sync could keep going out of phase.


Fast, accurate quad-core processor removes noise and provides a more dynamic color and contrast. Low-resolution images are upscaled and replicated at similar to 4 K standard images.


Check out the latest price for the LG 65UM7050PLA


LG 65UM7050PLA Review

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