Though this set comes from a relatively unknown brand, it attempts to create an impression in every consumer’s mind. It offers so many features connected to the fact that it is a smart TV while still retaining its position as a budget buy. It sports a sleek, lightweight design that will make a great addition to any room in your house whether you hang it or place it on a stand.


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  • Specs

Resolution type: HDR-ready

Resolution size: 1280 x 720

Screen size: 32 inch

Screen type: LED

  • Benefits
  • This is a smart TV. The price makes it almost unbelievable that you can run Netflix, YouTube and others without needing to do anything extra once you get it out of the box. It uses the Andriod Operating System which means you can use a good amount of Google services like Chrome Cast and Google Assistant.
  • This TV makes such a great piece in any room. It has a slim design that is perfect for smaller rooms like a kitchen or game room. It can be hung without compromising on functionality.
  • It has an HDR display which translates to great colour and contrast. It also has Micro Dimming technology which improves display quality by analyzing every video frame to optimize LED backlight in real-time.
  • Downsides
  • The fact that this set tries to pack in a lot of features into a small, budget TV results in some inconsistencies, particularly with the Smart features. Google Assistant is difficult to work with as there is no microphone support, so voice searches do not work.
  • Its resolution does not go up to 1080p which will not please people looking for a more in-depth and crisp display unit. Notwithstanding, with only 720p it does a great job with images and most people would not even be able to tell the difference.
  • Verdict

Excellent value for your money. Great display, impressive Smart features even though there are some minor downsides that will remind you of its low cost.


Check out the latest price for the TCL 32ES568


TCL 32ES568 Review

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