Fusion 5 C60B Review

Think about an amazing laptop with good Bluetooth connectivity, slim body, light weight and perfect full HD screening, then choose Fusion 5 C60B. Also, one of Fusion models, the PC has an Intel Quadcore processor with a speed as fast as 1.8 GHz. A look at it, one would think it is heavy, instead it is lightweight and easy to carry about. Other features include; 2 GB RAM, 32 GB storage capacity, external USB ports for data transfer, etc. The laptop can stretch at about 170 degrees; hence, it is partly flexible. Fusion has been known to be a manufacturer with class that ensures it gives it customers maximum support for any model of their product purchased; hence, Fusion 5 C60B gives a 12-month warranty to its users.
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Processor:  Intel Quad-core
Processor speed: 1.83 GHz
Memory: 2 GB of RAM
Storage: 32 GB eMMC
Screen: 11.6 inches

  • Fascinating full HD display that gives off a brilliant user-experience.
  • Good storage and memory that will hold a lot of files and documents
  • Processor speed is topnotch which results in great performance
  • Customer support from Fusion giving a 12-month user warranty
  • Super light and portable windows laptop
  • Has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Body design is perfect and it is a great value for money.


  • Memory (2 GB) is quite small even when it executes all user needs. Therefore, an additional memory is often required to increase user-experience and aid a topnotch performance.

Fusion 5 C60B has everything a great laptop should have and its quality is topnotch. However, it has only 2 GB of RAM as memory which seems too small but can be improved with an additional memory. A great choice for everyone who wants a whole new level of user experience!
Check out the latest price for the Fusion 5 C60B