With the emergence of various TVs with excellent features, buyers might be confused as to which one to opt for. However, with this guide, you should have a good idea on what would fit your viewing need.
The Sony BRAVIA KDL32WD752SU has in stock a full HD resolution, X-reality PRO and many mouth-watering features which are meant to give prospective buyers a good and lasting impression
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-The screen size is 32 inches
-It has a LED screen
– There are 2 HDMI ports available
–  The horizontal and vertical resolutions are 1920 and 1080 pixels respectively
– It can be enabled in Backlight off mode

  • The pictures and videos are very clear
  • You can easily connect your devices with HDMI and USB
  • You can view photos and videos with a USB stick
  • With the X-Reality PRO, your contents are enhanced, as everything you view increases in quality, and richer details
  • It gives a full High definition 1080p picture
  • For playing games, viewing movies of your choice and the likes, the BRAVIA KDL32WD752SU is a great choice
  • You can wirelessly connect your phone to the BRAVIA KDL32WD752SU, and view the contents of the phone. With this, the TV can be controlled with your phone. Also, you can protect your phone screen on your TV.


  • The sound produced is quite on the average
  • The pictures might not be suitable for a bright room
  • The TV does not support any ITV player or 40D

When it comes to attractiveness, the BRAVIA KDL32WD752SU happens to be among those which tops the list. Its type is rare, and its affordability endears it to the hearts of a good number of people. So, asides the fact that it is a beautiful TV, the features can also be regarded as being equally beautiful.
Check out the latest price for the Sony Bravia KDL32WD752SU

Sony Bravia KDL32WD752SU Review

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