Panasonic TX-49FX550B Review

There are a few key things that consumers are looking for when browsing for a new TV and that is a large, clear picture and the latest smart technology to enhance their experience. The Panasonic TX-49FX550B which we are looking at today seems to check off all the important check boxes but below we will take a closer look and go over some of its benefits and downsides.
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Screen Size: 49 inches
Display Type: LED
HDMI Ports: 3
USB Ports: 2
Smart Capable: Yes


– The large 49 inch display is big enough to satisfy the needs of most consumers who want to really immerse themselves into the latest blockbuster movie or the must watch sporting event
– The smart technology that is built into this TV allows you to quickly take advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi access the TV provides and stream the latest shows through programs such as Netflix
– With 3 HDMI ports available finding room for your external devices should be simple
– Freeview technology is a great way to catch-up on the latest shows you may have missed and all it requires is an internet connection


– Only two available USB ports on this design while many other similar priced models are able to provide up to 3
– While a 49 inch display might be enough for some there will always be others that want the biggest screen available and in that area this model does fall behind what some of the other TV models on the market are able to provide


The Panasonic TX-49FX550B is a TV that is able to provide a well rounded experience without going to the extreme and becoming too costly. Most consumers who are just looking for a good viewing experience with Smart Technology all for a reasonable price will be satisfied with this TV model.
Check out the latest price for the Panasonic TX-49FX550B